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If you’re looking for some simple and enjoyable Valentine’s crafts, look no further.  We’ve pulled together a few of our top favorites to share here with you so you could check off the Valentine’s needed for teacher, Grandma, Uncle Joe, and more, and best of all, so you could sprinkle in a little extra love, giggles, and special memories of time together around the very holiday meant to be a time to express our love in special ways.

By the way, we tried very hard to make sure that there were no Pinterest fails in this mix.  Easy and interesting was our mantra in choosing these craft resources for you!!

And because family activities are always a little more fun with some music in the mix, download this free “Love Somebody” playlist from

How to Make Valentine’s Stamps

A fun, “hands-on” craft from start to finish!

How to Make a Valentine’s Necklace

Simple Homemade Valentines

We love this compilation of 33 ideas for kids’ homemade Valentines.


Valentine’s Crafts for All Ages

Here are 75 sweet ideas for everyone – from toddlers to tweens!  


Toddler Valentine Crafts

Find 15 terrific Valentine’s craft ideas compiled specifically with toddlers in mind.


Valentine Keepsake Crafts

Make something you’ll treasure for years to come with these keepsake crafts.


We’d love to see the crafts you and your special little someone make together!  Hop on over to our Facebook page and share a picture or two with the hashtag #KindermusikValentines.

Compiled by Theresa Case whose award-winning Kindermusik program is located at Piano Central Studios in Greenville, South Carolina.

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