Power of Music

Music Therapy: Music as Medicine

Music Therapy - it's been around for some time...let's say as long as we've had music. As a credentialed profession, it's still relatively new. The first program to award a degree in music therapy began at Michigan State University in 1944. The American Music Therapy Association came into being in 1998. To many, the profession [...]

Changing Lives with Music: Stephen Oliverson

Dr. Stephen Oliverson is principal of Provost Elementary in Provo, Utah. In 2014, Provost was named a National Title I Distinguished School, one of only 59 schools nationwide to receive this honor. What was Dr. Oliverson's secret to this success? The answer (which is no surprise to us): music. The instructional day was rearranged so [...]

Amazing Musical Moments: #3 Will Have you Sobbing

Kindermusik educators have the immeasurable joy of seeing amazing musical moments in nearly every Kindermusik class – a baby shaking a bell for the first time, a toddler belting out parts of the hello song, a preschooler who proudly contributes his movement idea in class, or the big kid who plays her first song on [...]

4 Musical Ways to Help Keep Those New Year’s Resolutions

Happy New Year from your friends at Kindermusik! We're always looking for ways to incorporate music into daily life because, let's face it - music makes everything better! Our last post talked about musical resolutions for 2017. In this post, we'll explore four ways to use music to help keep some of the most common [...]

The Gift of a New Year

The New Year is upon us! Over the past month many of us have been dwelling on resolutions. What can I do in 2017 that will make me a better version of myself? What can I change? What can I add? What can I take away? We all do it to some degree. Well friends - [...]