Whisper, Talk, Sing: How the Voice Works

The Voice. Not the TV show - the aural presence of each of us. It's an amazing instrument, able to produce an incredible range of vocalizations. Think about the variety: a baby's cooing and crying; opera singing and hip hop rapping; the chants of a cheerleading squad and Buddhist monks. But how does it work? [...]

Vestibular System: Finding the Right Balance

For parents with young children, Life Balance is a mythical beast! A hammock gently swaying in a warm ocean breeze as you watch ships leave the harbor or the quiet creaking of a porch swing in the dappled afternoon sunlight can bring thoughts of a little Life Balance in an increasingly complex world. For parents […]

Dancing Today Leads to Bike Riding Tomorrow

It’s coming, one day soon (if it hasn’t already). Your child will want to learn how to ride a bike—the big kid kind. There will be spills and thrills for both of you as your helmeted child learns how to balance and maintain the right rhythm and tempo for pedaling and braking. Shouts of “Don’t […]

Get the wiggles out and keep the learning in

A recent article in the Washington Post highlighted a growing concern for parents and educators:  more and more kids are having trouble sitting still in school. The root of the problem is that kids are being expected to sit still for longer periods of time. Recesses are shorter, and often kids aren’t running, jumping, and […]

Music Video Brings in the Clowns to Develop Kids’ Gross Motor Skills

When you send in the clowns, you can also introduce a whole lot of fun practicing all kinds of ways to move, jump, listen, focus, and even stop.  At first glance, it might seem like an activity such as “I Am a Clown” is just about moving and dancing.  But watch a little more closely, […]