Parenting Tips

7 Things: Harvard Psychologists Identify Positive Parenting Points

Recently, psychologists from Harvard's Making Caring Common Project (MCC) produced a list of seven concepts successful parents tend to consider when raising caring, compassionate, ethical children. The MCC exists to: educators, parents, and communities raise children who are caring, responsible to their communities, and committed to justice. It's a pretty wonderful group of folks who [...]

How to Keep the Daily Rhythms and Routines that Matter to Your Child

Here in the States, summer is almost here, and with it often comes changes to our normal routines.  As adults, we adapt to the break and look forward to a change of pace - a different kind of busy.  But a change in routine can be very unsettling to young children who not only need [...]

Can you Spoil your Baby? Probably Not

How many pictures of newborns have you seen in the moments after the little one arrived in the world? I'm talking about a specific category of photos - the beautiful shots of mothers holding their babies for the first time - that all important skin-to-skin contact. Medscape tells us this: ...newborns who are placed skin to [...]

Lesson Learned: How My Son Spent $1200 on iTunes

Friends, I'm a parent. It's the position I'm most proud of. My wife feels the same way. We have two boys - a 14 year old and a 10 year old. They are the twin joys of our life together. In our quest to make the best parenting choices, I'd like to think we've done [...]

STORY TIME! Reading to Kids the Right Way

I'm willing to bet that if you read this blog, you take time to read to your kids. I'll also guess that this time is special, enjoyed by both you and your kids. Perhaps before bedtime, you break out a favorite book, worn from multiple readings, and share a laugh or two. We can use [...]