The secret language of babies

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Priscilla Dunstan has two amazing talents — an understanding of sound and an understanding of babies. As a musical prodigy who preformed Mozart piano concerti at the age of 4 (!), Dunstan has used her self-described "photographic memory for sound" in many different ways. One of the most notable is in developing a system for […]

Let your hands do the talking

Preschoolers love new things. Have you considered trying sign language with your preschool agers? Not only is it fun and an additional way to communicate, they'll love having a "secret" language to share with you. Sign language can come in handy and is easily learned by preschooler. Use signing to: – create an environment for […]

So, is Kindermusik just for kids?

Yes, Kindermusik is for kids of all ages. No doubt about it. Their ears open and their eyes widen. They blossom before your very eyes in music class. But here’s something you may not have considered: Kindermusik is for parents too! In fact, parents tell us that they get as much out of Kindermusik as […]

Group music activities and what they mean for your child

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A recent study called “Effects of Parent/Child Group Music Activities on Toddler Development: A Pilot Study” turned up in the journal Music Therapy Perspectives. Conducted out of Florida State by Standley, Walworth, and Nguyen, its goal was to assess whether structured group music activities have an effect, either positive or negative, on toddlers between 12 […]

Chase those blues away!

One of our recent posts at Minds on Music highlighted the developmental benefits of play. We all know that play is important to a child. Playing with your child can make a cranky toddler smile. Getting your baby to laugh more means less time spent crying. And the bonus: spending time playing with your child […]