One group’s Kindermusik journey

Today was the final class for my first group of “graduating” kids, who are moving on from Kindermusik to other activities. When I first became licensed as a Kindermusik Educator, I had no idea what to expect.  My first year, I had less than a dozen students, and struggled to keep up with the demands […]

Meet a Kindermusik educator: Peggy Durbin

Each week we feature a randomly selected Kindermusik educator from around the world. This week, meet Peggy! Name: Peggy Durbin Location: Columbia, MD 21042 Studio name and link: Kindermusik with Peggy Durbin Number of years you’ve taught Kindermusik: 16 Describe yourself in five words or less: Dedicated, Dependable, Organized, Positive & Easy-Going Favorite Kindermusik […]

Children are ready to learn long before schools are ready to teach

Music is a magic little key to your child’s heart and mind. It’s a dynamic sensory experience that evokes a powerful response in children. Early exposure to music is a vehicle for profound learning. We’ve found that music and movement that involves interaction, demonstration, and exploration is the perfect way to introduce a child to […]

Growing up Kindermusik

Recently, we refreshed our homepage (have you seen it?) with some new colors and photos. Those who visit the site often immediately started asking about the cute new homepage photo. The photo is of Kindermusik educator Kathy Morrison and several of the kids in her class. Kathy’s program, Kathy’s Music, has been in the […]

Orchestrating some fun on the web

The earlier you can expose your child to classical music and the magic of the symphony orchestras, the better. Music appreciation is something you want to instill early in a child’s life. (Shameless self-promotion: music appreciation is one of the skills children develop in Kindermusik classes. Find a Kindermusik class near you to learn more.) […]