7 Things: Harvard Psychologists Identify Positive Parenting Points

Recently, psychologists from Harvard's Making Caring Common Project (MCC) produced a list of seven concepts successful parents tend to consider when raising caring, compassionate, ethical children. The MCC exists to: educators, parents, and communities raise children who are caring, responsible to their communities, and committed to justice. It's a pretty wonderful group of folks who [...]

Kindermusik Reviews: The Beginning of Life

The Beginning of Life is beautifully composed, feature-length documentary written and directed by Brazilian film maker Estela Renner. Traveling across the globe, from her native Brazil, Kenya, China, and a host of other locales, Renner takes the viewer on a rich journey into the world of the developing child.  The Official Trailer for The Beginning of Life [...]

Can you Spoil your Baby? Probably Not

How many pictures of newborns have you seen in the moments after the little one arrived in the world? I'm talking about a specific category of photos - the beautiful shots of mothers holding their babies for the first time - that all important skin-to-skin contact. Medscape tells us this: ...newborns who are placed skin to [...]

Babies Learn with their Mouths

In a recently published study in the Proceedings of the National Academy of Sciences, researchers found evidence that babies - long known to explore their world with their mouths - actually use their tongues, lips, and other articulators to unravel the mysteries of the speech they hear on a constant basis. Let's check it out! Primer: [...]

Kids Need to be Kids

Author and early childhood education expert Nancy Carlsson-Paige makes the case for authentic educational experiences, less concerned with assessment and more concerned with experiences that give kids what they need - opportunities to be kids. Dr. Nancy Carlsson-Paige knows a thing or two about childhood development. For 30 years, she trained teachers at Lesley University [...]