Sing and Dance that Stress Away

Stress. We all deal with it from time to time....and friends, so do our kids. Don't forget - we have a lifetime of experience in managing stress - and even then we can have a hard time with it. Our kids deal with stress, too...and they are stress novices. It's up to us to help [...]

Don’t just sit there – MOVE!

At a time when it seems there is so much pressure on kids to perform academically, more and more research about the social, emotional, cognitive, and health benefits of movement and play is coming to the forefront. The recent consensus of a group of researchers who studied the evidential links between moving, playing, and learning [...]

Music Can do THAT? – Learning Languages Through Music

Music enriches our lives in so many ways, but for young children, music is also a very powerful tool for learning. Kindermusik’s English language learning program for young children, Kindermusik English & Me, has been an outstandingly successful and beautifully delightful of teaching children a second language through music, music, stories, rhymes, and more.   […]

The Music of May Day!

To read this post in Spanish, click here! Happy Spring, Kindermusik lovers! Yesterday was May 1st, which is historically celebrated as a springtime festival in many countries, with singing, dancing, games, and much more. Sometime in the 19th century, May Day also became a celebration of the worker, a sort of mid-year version of Labor [...]

Leaping for Leap Day!

Happy Leap Day! Considering the special nature of this day, we thought it might be fun to present a collection of activities involving leaping and a little Leap Day/Leap Year. National Wildlife Federation Some fun outdoor activities for the day - or any day, actually! Be creative. Anything can be adapted and adjusted. Modern Mom [...]