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Music’s Effect on the Developmental Domains

When we say that music is a powerful tool for learning, one of the biggest reasons is because music positively affects every area of a child’s development.  And for over 30 years, one of the strongest advocates for early childhood development through music and movement has been Kindermusik International. With a music and movement curriculum [...]

Want to Teach Toddlers Math Skills? Better Get Moving!

Early intervention matters in all areas of child development…from speech and language, motor skills, early literacy skills, positive behavior, and more. The sooner a child receives help the greater the impact. As educators, therapists, doctors, and researchers learn more and more how to identify early markers for intervention needs, children at risk for delays receive […]

One Small Change for Preschool Teachers, One Giant Leap for Preschoolers’ Math Abilities

When a researcher sets out to understand how children learn, or better yet, don’t learn math, some interesting information comes to light, especially when the research focuses in on the early years when preschoolers are just beginning to be introduced to fundamental mathematical concepts.  Such was the case in a recent study conducted by Dr. […]

The One Thing that Can Prepare a Child for Success (It’s not what you think!)

Pew Research Center recently asked a national sample of adults which skills were most important for children to have in order to get ahead in today’s world. Out of the 10 skills from which they could choose, more respondents said communication skills were most important for success, followed by reading, math, and teamwork. Much of […]

10 Reasons Why Music Belongs in Every Child’s Home

In a Kindermusik Family Time class, we start each class by singing: “We’re a musical family so clap along and sing with me…” We ARE a musical family and we think every family should be a musical family, too! We believe that because of the way that music impacts children in profound ways, for now and for […]