Kids & Parents Love Kindermusik Because…


We Love Music Class

“Music class is the best part of being a kid.” ~ Marcus
“I love to play my glockenspiel.” ~ Olivia

“I love Ms. Karen and to play all the instruments.” ~ Jake

“It makes my brain bigger.” ~John

“All my friends are there :)” ~ Alicia

“I like all the things we do. I like everything at Kindermusik” ~ Morgan


“We love Kindermusik because it gives us a chance to bond together while learning. It helps expose my little one to all styles of music and gives him the chance to learn, play and participate in a group setting that is safe and comfortable.” ~ Charity and Schroeder Campbell

“We love Kindermusik because it helps our budding musician to bloom.” ~ Erica V.

“Kindermusik is our favourite quality family time. We do not love it, we adore it!!!!” ~ Catherine’s Mom

“Levi loves Kindermusik because it gives him a chance to interact with other kids his age! He loves to explore the different instruments, and dancing to the music. WE love Kindermusik because it is not only fun, but educational!” ~ Levi’s Mom

“We LOVE Kindermusik, and more specifically, we love The Musik Nest and Miss Rebecca! Over the past year, it has been such a joy to watch my daughter interact with other babies, respond to the music and movement, try new things, and show excitement for learning. I have been thrilled to have her language skills supported through music, as well. I have seen my little one grow in confidence and independence, and we are excited to continue our weekly classes at The Musik Nest!” ~ Charlotte’s Mom

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  1. Kathleen loves her Miss Becky. She has become a sort of folk hero to her. Any type of song oriented situation always ends with “Miss Becky says…” We couldn’t do without her!

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