Behold, the power of music!

Kindermusik educator Kathy Morrison recently received an email from one of her enrolled parents who is homescholing her children. The email read:

"I just found another HUGE benefit to the kids knowing all about steady beat. We recently began learning about syllables in words. I thought it would be kind of a tricky thing to teach, but I started by calling the syllables 'beats' and the kids didn’t have any trouble catching on. Once they were able to count the beats in a word (which didn’t take long at all), then I transitioned to calling the beats syllables. It was effortless! When one is homeschooling, there are few things that one can call effortless –- so thank you for setting up that foundation in my children!!!"
-Mother of Trudy (age 7), Elias (age 5), and Clara (18 months)

To learn more, check out our Benefits of Kindermusik page.

Special thanks to Brandi, mom of three, for allowing us to share this, and Kathy Morrison for allowing us to share a post from her blog. Kathy is in the Pittsburgh area and runs Kathy's Music, which is in the top 1% of Kindermusik programs in the world.

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