Kindermusik Reviews: What Do You Do With A Problem?

I've said it before and I'll say it again: I love books that ask questions. A question immediately engages a child before you even start reading a book. Their minds spin...they want to know the answer. And in the case of Yamada and Besom's beautiful book, What Do You Do With A Problem, finding the answer [...]

Barry White: Life Changer

Public School Educator Barry White, Jr. grew up in the New York City Borough of Queens - Cambria Heights, Queens to be precise. It's about as far out as you can go before leaving New York City and venturing out to Long Island, proper. White's alma mater, Claflin University, is located in Orangeburg, South Carolina. [...]

7 Tips for Making Every Day a Musical Day

Any parent who’s been attending Kindermusik classes for even a short period of time quickly realizes just how enjoyable and powerful singing, dancing, playing, exploring, and making music can be - not just for their child, but also for them!  It’s no surprise then, that Kindermusik Educators are often asked for ideas about how to [...]

Amber Galloway Gallego – Sign Language Rock Star

Have you ever been to an event that had an interpreter for the hearing impaired? You can find them in a wide variety of places: commencements, lectures, even broadway plays. These folks are specially trained in programs all across the country. For quite a long time, one could attend the Juilliard Interpreter Training program, specifically [...]