Language & Literacy

Music’s Effect on the Developmental Domains

When we say that music is a powerful tool for learning, one of the biggest reasons is because music positively affects every area of a child’s development.  And for over 30 years, one of the strongest advocates for early childhood development through music and movement has been Kindermusik International. With a music and movement curriculum [...]

Sound First – Symbol Second

It's how we acquire any language - sound first - symbol second. We learn to speak before we learn to read. Music is the same way - we mimic what we hear before we can read it on the page. We learn by rote before we learn through understanding. Our last post talked about music's [...]

Science Center Stage: Music May Boost Language Learning in Babies

In our regular science feature, Science Center Stage, Dr. Boyle explores music's role in boosting language acquisition in infants.  That first word! Parents wait for it and when it comes the world knows. We rush to Facebook and every other social media platform to share the news. I remember really reaching with our first. I stretched [...]

Baby Brains: Music and Speech

Music is full of patterns. It’s why educators and researchers have pointed out for a long time now that music helps kids with math. And now, thanks to technological advances that help us “see” inside the brain, we’re starting to understand more and more of how music shapes and impacts cognitive development, therefore significantly impacting [...]

Getting the Rhythm of Language Development

Our speech is made up of sounds, patterns, and rhythms, so it makes sense that being in a environment of sounds and developing a strong sense of rhythm and steady beat in the earliest years of childhood can positively impact language development.  Some researchers even go so far as to make the bold claim that […]