Changing Lives with Music: Stephen Oliverson

Dr. Stephen Oliverson is principal of Provost Elementary in Provo, Utah. In 2014, Provost was named a National Title I Distinguished School, one of only 59 schools nationwide to receive this honor. What was Dr. Oliverson's secret to this success? The answer (which is no surprise to us): music. The instructional day was rearranged so [...]

Growing Up in Kindermusik

When I became licensed to teach Kindermusik way back in 1994, I never imagined what the next twenty-something years would hold for me…or the hundreds of children and families I’ve been privileged to hold in my heart all this time. Twenty plus years means that many of those babies I had in my lap are [...]

Planting Seeds that Grow: Music for a Lifetime

We've listed the endless benefits of an early childhood saturated in musical experiences before (and we'll keep doing it, too!). The science is in: music is good for the brain. It's good for the body. It helps build all types of intelligence. Music making positively impacts language development, creativity, and coordination. When you make music with [...]

Sing and Dance that Stress Away

Stress. We all deal with it from time to time....and friends, so do our kids. Don't forget - we have a lifetime of experience in managing stress - and even then we can have a hard time with it. Our kids deal with stress, too...and they are stress novices. It's up to us to help [...]

Amazing Musical Moments: #3 Will Have you Sobbing

Kindermusik educators have the immeasurable joy of seeing amazing musical moments in nearly every Kindermusik class – a baby shaking a bell for the first time, a toddler belting out parts of the hello song, a preschooler who proudly contributes his movement idea in class, or the big kid who plays her first song on [...]