Music to Comfort & Soothe Your Little One

Adults aren't the only ones who find the holidays stressful. Kids love the excitement of seasonal activities but can quickly become overwhelmed. Creating regular quiet times at home—year round—can help your baby or young child learn to calm themselves and relax. Use the tracks below from A Quiet Christmas to establish a sense of calm and an environment conducive to relaxation.

Ways to Relax

  • Play A Quiet Christmas album
  • Find a comfy place to sit and take a deep, calming breath
  • Gently rock and cuddle together to the music
  • Sway gently back and forth as you hold your little one in your arms or your lap.
  • Stand together, face-to-face. Hold your child’s hands and guide them into a rocking motion as you sway from side to side. If your little one wants to stand on your toes, that’s even better!


Rocking and cuddling makes children feel safe, secure and better able to manage the commotion of the season. All this adds up to happier holidays for all!

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