Family Engagement

Family Engagement and Home-Based Learning

ABC Music & Me extends the learning environment from the classroom into the home – and even on-the-go – with our home materials. These materials engage families and provide parents a real way to be involved in their children’s educations.

Home Visiting & Teach-At-Home

We offer solutions for home-based visitor programs, supporting groups such as Parents as Teachers (PAT). Practitioners can use customized units from ABC Music & Me that engage the entire family in a mini-lesson during a home visit and then also provide leave-behind materials and instructions on how to do the activities again after the visit.


Home Materials

Our home materials allow families to become active participants in their children’s educations. With both physical and digital options available, we offer opportunities for all families to share in the fun!


Physical Home Materials

9 months of options include:

  • 5 Instruments (only available in U.S.)
  • 9 CDs
  • 9 Books or magazines
  • Learning games and activities

Digital Home Materials

9 months of digital home materials include:

  • Hundreds of songs
  • 9 eBooks
  • Videos
  • Online learning games and activities
  • Printable learning games and activities

Both options include valuable parenting resources, along with information about why each activity is useful, important, and developmentally significant.

Families access the digital materials through the Kindermusik@Home online portal. This eLearning format provides parents with a fun way to be involved in their children’s education and responsibly introduce technology while focusing on hands-on, movement-and-sensory-rich learning.

Learn more about Kindermusik@Home & Sample an Activity


It means so much to read through the Family Magazine together at home and say and do the exact things he did in class that day. It’s as if I’m participating in his class alongside him! - Parent of Adam, age 3

We read the story at home, and we listen to the CD all the time. The Spanish version helps me a lot because it has helps me to translate and know how to help them at home. It also helps me to understand the developmental levels. And I love that my children read me the story by the end of each month! - Laura, parent