Music Classes for Toddlers

Toddler Music Classes - Discover the joy of music

Kindermusik Our Time opens the door to a whole new world of musical discovery and delight.

With music as your inspiration and your Kindermusik teacher as your guide, you’ll love seeing how your child will blossom musically, developmentally, and socially.  From dancing with your toddler in music class to listening wide-eyed to new sounds and rhythms to exploring and playing all kinds of instruments, Kindermusik Our Time brings out the very best in your child.  You will be amazed at your child’s musicality and capacity to learn in the delightfully engaging and flexible environment that is Kindermusik Our Time.  Best of all, you’re right there with your child, interacting with one other, learning together, supporting a musical head start, and making the most of this precious and fleeting time in the life of your child.


What you’ll experience in Kindermusik Toddler Music Classes


  • Musical concepts.  Your child will be having so much fun, she won’t even realize she’s learning about steady beat, tempo, musical form, musical contour, high and low, loud and quiet, and much more!
  • Instruments and ensembles. Your child will explore the physical characteristics and sounds of age-appropriate instruments which will eventually lead her to discover her potential for beat, rhythm, and melodic ensemble playing.
  • Exploration time.  Your child will thrive in a joyful, child-centered, toddler group environment, discovering specially designed instruments, textures, sounds, movements, and new ideas.
  • Twirling, hopping, and dancing. Each class provides a variety of opportunities for movement, including steady beat movement, spatial exploration, expressive movement, group dances, and circle games.
  • Vocal play. Through vocal play in our toddler music classes, kids  learn to say words and phrases, and imitate rhythm and vocal inflection, and develop their singing voices. In Our Time, vocal play is presented within the context of songs, chants, and activities done in class.
  • Story time and early literacy. Listening to stories enhances language and speech development, fostering awareness of sounds, teaching use of language, and sending the message that words and symbols have meaning. The same experiences that help your child learn to read a book also help her learn to read music.
  • Together time.  Kindermusik is more than a toddler group. It’s the essence of quality time, allowing you to make the most of the fleeting toddler years and giving you the time and the tools to make music and memories together in class and at home.