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“I am such a true believer in music shaping a child's brain… Kindermusik has changed our lives and along with music came many lifelong friendships for me and my children. Kindermusik is one of those things in your children’s lives and yours that I could not imagine our life without it.”

  • Anastasia S., Kindermusik Parent, USA



“I love Kindermusik because it's a wonderful way to allow my daughter to interact with other kids in a fun, safe, and educational environment.  I love to watch her blossom as the semester goes on!”

  • Kacey S., Kindermusik Parent, USA

Kindermusik Reviews - Baby Music Classes


“We love Kindermusik because our daughter is completely engaged and entertained with the songs and instruments and has made lots of new friends!”

  • Krista D., Kindermusik Parent, Canada


“I love Kindermusik because my children had fun learning English as a second language through play.  They also learn about nature and far away cultures with different sounds of music. Furthermore I believe that they gained discipline without even realizing it.”

  • Maria P., Kindermusik Parent, Cyprus


Kindermusik Reviews - Middle East


“Our son started Kindermusik at 6 months of age. He had a neck problem called tortecolis. The classes helped in movement and the delays that come with having a physical issue. It also helped with the therapy he had to have.

He has been going to classes ever since. It has been a wonderful experience for him!”

  • Tawnya K., Kindermusik Parent, USA



“We love kindermusik because we see a big smile on our daughter's face in every class... Even during holidays when we pass over the institute in where we have the class, she starts singing the 'hello' song and says 'hi to Vane' (her beloved KM educator)!!!”

  • Maria B., Kindermusik Parent, Argentina



“My son is on the autism spectrum and i have found Kindermusik to be one of the best interventions we do. It incorporates language, brain development, social skills (to name a few!) in such a fun and relaxed manner. And what's more the take home kits mean we continue the intervention at home.”

  • Beth M. Kindermusik Parent, Australia


Kindermusik Reviews - Kids Music Classes


'I've learned how to be a better parent and teacher to my children. With Kindermusik there's a reason for everything we do in class -- everything is a building block. The best part is we are told how it all fits together. '

  • Jill C., Kindermusik Parent, USA


“Kindermusik makes good use of music to help my son learn English as the second language very interestingly. And the Kindermusik helps him to have a good habit to clean up willingly with the song 'put it away, put it away, time to put it away.' And he makes friends with other kids. In a word, we love Kindermusik for it nurtures my son in social, emotional, physical, cognitive fields very fabulously!”

  • Lydia C., Kindermusik Parent, China


“Kindermusik has helped my kids to develop a love for music and instruments. Every class they learn a different sound, recognize tunes by famous composers, develop social skills and enjoy interacting with Ms Suzy their educator. I enjoy bringing them and look forward to class because I love to see their excitement and how much fun the kids have.”

  • Nada M., Kindermusik Parent, Egypt
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“We love Kindermusik because it gives us HOPE that one day Anya will see, hear and dance with us. Epilepsy, profound hearing loss, near blindness and Cerebral Palsy fade away whenever we are at Kindermusik with Teacher Ana. We witnessed with great joy Anya's many 'firsts' in class - crawling, standing, assisted walking and we look forward to more. With Kindermusik we dare to dream again that we will one day hear Anya sing and see her dance all on her own, just like all her friends.”

  • Krissy O., Kindermusik Parent, Philippines


Kindermusik Reviews - Philippines


“It is a happy time in the week that is fun for the whole family.  It helps with social skills for our daughter and exposes her to play and music.  We want to give her as many experiences as we can and Kindermusik has many valuable aspects - music, play, socialization, child and parent interaction, singing and make believe.”

  • Patrick K., Kindermusik Parent, USA



“I love seeing my two year old come out of her shell and discover the joys of music, movement and rhythm, knowing that she adores it too!”

  • Rachel C. Kindermusik Parent, Ireland


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“My son, Tyler (2), and I started taking Kindermusik classes last winter, when he was just a year old.  Tyler, who was born with Down syndrome, has grown and learned so much over the last year because of this class.  At first, he'd just sit and watch all the other children, while swaying to the music.  As time has gone by, he's become much more engaged and interactive with other children, which has been amazing, as his parent, to watch.  Other moms now joke with me that he could be running the class.  He's also using a tremendous amount of sign language signs throughout the class, so his communication is so much better.  I've witnesses so much growth since we've started these classes.  The socialization alone, with other children who are both typically developing and who have special needs, has been invaluable.”

  • Jennifer C., Kindermusik Parent, USA



“We love that it gives our children a great introduction to music, and more importantly, confidence to make their own music. It wouldn't be possible without the caring, generous, and very organized people at Joyful Sounds. Louise runs a spectacular Kindermusik studio!”

  • Shane T., Kindermusik Parent, Canada



“Kindermusik has taught my son to love music from a very small age (started Kindermusik at age 4 months) He is now 5 years old and just loves all kinds of music. He has a good ear for music and lots of rhythm which he probably wouldn't have had was he not enrolled in Kindermusik!”

  • Jackie V., Kindermusik Parent, South Africa


Kindermusik Reviews - South Africa


“Kindermusik is a chance for my son to learn and explore through movement and music.  It awakens his senses, teaches him life valuable skills, and provides bonding time for the two of us.  He is so happy when he is in Kindermusik class!”

  • Kristin M., Kindermusik Parent , USA

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Why Kindermusik?

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Why Kindermusik?

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