Kindermusik Sustainability for Kids



Protecting Our Children’s World

“Changing the world for children” took on a new meaning in 2008, when we released our first company Sustainability Report. Infusing our children’s world with music is indeed our mission, but keeping the world a safe and green place for children to enjoy is too.


For us, sustainability is a process, not a label. It’s a process to improve our production practices and mobilize our community of environmental stewards by doing what we do best: education. It takes grunt work, creativity, and short-term sacrifice for long-term gain. As Educators, we hold ourselves accountable for being both “hard-edge” environmentalists and parents: protectors of our children’s world.


That’s the talk, so here’s the walk! See for yourself a number of exciting sustainability efforts Kindermusik has taken on and accomplished so far:


  • Using LEED-standard facilities assessments – the ambitious rating system for energy and environmental design – we’ve made our own in-house changes for our corporate headquarters office in Greensboro, North Carolina. We’ve switched our light bulbs to CFLs, switched to recycled paper, use non-toxic, biodegradable inks, and reduced our heating and air conditioning bills by 2-3% incrementally each year. Our CEO also rides his bike to work three times a week!
  • In 2009, we began phasing out CD production with the launch of, our digital song library.
  • In 2011, we issued our second Sustainability Report and launched our first digital Teachers Guide products, eliminating roughly five million sheets of paper each year. That’s 56 trees spared – the difference between your child waking up to a view of an empty lot or a leafy grove.
  • We started a sustainability blog, KI Green, aimed at educating and mobilizing our community of stewards to take environmental leadership at home and in their communities. We’ve aimed for a 1:3 ratio of environmental reporting (“soft action”) to do-it-yourself instructions (“hard action”). KI Green’s ultimate goal is to make sustainability a seamless, optimized part of your family’s routine by giving you tips on how to upcycle old cribs, create a $15 rainwater retention system, and outsmart the villains of  “green washing” and false eco-advertising.  
  • In 2012, we stayed on trend and digitized a step further, introducing Kindermusik@Home for kids to continue learning and playing outside the classroom, with educational games and activities optimized for mobile and tablet devices.


By no means are we carbon-neutral-perfect, but we’ve made impressive improvements so far. Join the sustainable Kindermusik community by reading our 2011 Sustainability Report and comment on our blog posts in KI Green

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